Yes, carpet cleaning to some people seems like a bit of fun but to the rest of us that don’t really like it, there are carpet cleaners out there in Michigan.

Keeping your carpet cleaned can be a task with all the spills and dirt that one track in right?


If you want to make a homemade carpet cleaner first


But what if there was a homemade way to make a carpet cleaner before you actually had to call a carpet cleaner?


Now the first one is a spray carpet cleaner that you can use. The recipe is as followed:


  • One cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups of water
  • 15 drops of lavender oils
  • 2 teaspoons of salt


Now the spray is going to leave a residue but you can use a vacuum to clean it up. But make sure you spray the area really well. This is the most common homemade spray to use if you have pets and any odors.

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We love that people use homemade remedies for carpet cleaning but at the same time, there is nothing better to get your carpets cleaned all the dust and dew that can be in your carpet can keep insects coming back.


It’s ideal to clean your carpet twice a year. As vacuuming does help but it doesn’t get really deep within the carpet and that’s where carpet can get nasty really fast. Which if you don’t take care of your carpet you might end up having to replace it.


How to hire a Michigan carpet cleaner?


If your looking for a nearby carpet cleaner in Washington Michigan we can help you make an appointment in two easy ways one would be to call us at, 248-702-4754 or with our carpet cleaning form.


We have a large network of carpet cleaners throughout Michigan to assist you with the needs of carpet cleaning.


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