carpet cleaning in centerline miIf you have stubborn stains in your carpet or hardwood floors you should contact one of our professionals in Centerline Michigan to have those removed before the holidays arrive.  Our professionals in Centerline Michigan pride themselves on being the best carpet cleaners in all of Macomb County, even in Oakland County, and Bay County.

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Many of your neighbors have used our professionals to make the interior of their home look bright and sparkly for the holiday season, it so expensive and is virtually no work on your part other than to either dial a phone or type on the computer what it is you need to have done.  We have a room by room service or whole house service right here in Centerline.


We understand you’re on a budget and we want to make sure you are happy that is why we offer so many variations of our house cleaning plans.  Carpet cleaning in Centerline is just one of the many services we offer, we can also come by and look at a stain that you may have that you were unable to get out and recommend the chemicals you should use and possibly even where to purchase them from.

call now for a carpet cleaner Pontiac

There’s no finer time than now a week or two before the holidays begin to make your house shine and a place where your children are proud to bring friends home.  So contact us today and let us make your home a showplace.


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