carpet cleaning in macombIt’s kind of crazy that Macomb Township is in Macomb County Michigan, what’s even crazier is your sitting there with carpets that are dirty because the kids knocked over that glass of wine and you spilt your coffee stumbling over their toys.


There’s no better time than now to make that Macomb Township Michigan home shine by having professionals service your carpet and hardwood floors with our truck mounted machines that guarantee stain removal of even the most stubborn stains.


Most people don’t realize that you need to treat those stains when they occur, waiting causes issues such as weak and fibers in the carpet that allow dirt and sediment to build up and cause the carpet to break down.


Our cleaning machines are so powerful that we have literally not only pulled the stain right out of their carpet but pulled so much dirt out of their carpet their next door neighbors house moved 8 inches closer.


So don’t let dirt build up in your carpet in Macomb Township Michigan and then wind up having your neighbors dirt in your house, clean those carpets today in Macomb MI using our certified stain treatment that resists and depends against spills and little kids shoes.  Click our link today or give us a call so we can help you have a great holiday season and clean carpets to enjoy.


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