carpet cleaning in oakland countyDid your dog just urinate in your closet, or is that a stain from your morning coffee?  Either way you need to get those carpets cleaned before the holiday season gets here.  There’s no better time than early November to get your carpets cleaned here in beautiful Oakland County Michigan, the apples are harvested, the cider is made, and the carpets in your home dingy and rough.


Do you want your mother in law to come over and see dirty carpet, she’ll think you’re a terrible housekeeper, why not let us clean your carpets at an unbelievably low price.  Your mother in law will think, WOW, what a great housekeeper her daughter in law is, she might even pay to have the tile cleaned in your bathrooms.


The leaves are falling here in Michigan and it’s time to clean the carpets in your home, remember that puppy stain, that little accident she had in your closet, you can have it removed and your carpets smelling fresh in just a couple hours utilizing are proprietary stain removal products.  So don’t delay, why not contact us today and get our best quote for your whole house or just part of your home, you’ll be the star entertainer in your neighborhood this holiday season.


Who knows, you might even be the envy of the neighborhood and convince your husband it’s time to move to on nicer place.  Contact us today we have 24/7 phone lines waiting for you to call us so we can make your holidays not just brighter but smell nicer too.


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