carpet cleaning cheap pontiacOn a scare 1-10 most women consider their home carpet a 6 on the clean scale and most men say their house is a 7 on the clean scale when the carpet is cleaned. But for most women, the ideal level of clean for their home is a 9-10.


Vacuum lines are perceived as a key indicator if the home is clean or not. 77% of women love seeing fresh vacuum lines in their carpet. A clean house is a happy house.


Most mean and women dislike cleaning the carpet that is why its easier to get a professional carpet cleaner to come out to your home in Pontiac Michigan. The number one thing that is disliked about vacuuming is that you have to move around furniture and having to work around close edges and corners.


Most men and women about 90% of women actually say that having a robotic vacuum would save them time to do other household chores, but having a carpet cleaner in Pontiac Michigan would too.




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