carpet cleaning in oak parkDuring storms a week ago we had several individuals contact us in Oak Park Michigan requested our services for storm damage cleanup and repair and in a few instances we had people looking for emergency water removal from their basements.


We continue to work in Oak Park Michigan enabling the individuals to remain in their homes with confidence knowing that we are working on them to bring them back to the level they were. Too often people ignore warning signs and a storm comes bringing destruction in its wake, that is where we step in and provide emergency service for fire or flood 365 days a year.


But that is not the only business we are in, we also provide carpet cleaning and floor restoration, we can clean your hardwood floors in Oak Park or tile floors so they will look like new once again by the way this is in fact a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


By contacting us today you’ll have taken the first step in Oak Park Michigan to cleaning up your home and getting all of the dust and dirt out of your carpet or off your hardwood floors, we also treat stains that for whatever reason have been there a while and simply will not come out with those store bought chemicals you are trying to use.


So click our link or call our number let us know what you need we will get our crews over there quickly and we guarantee your satisfaction.


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