There are many types of restoration and here at carpet cleaning rite we service all of them. We have carpet Install crews all over Michigan to service you better with all your carpet repair needs.


Those are just some of the services we offer, we take carpet installation for your home very serious. If you have a problem we want to hear about it day or night we can have a restoration crew out to your home to start the clean up right away.


The longer you wait for home carpet installation the more stress you put on your home and on yourself. Avoid doing that by calling or scheduling carpet installation in Michigan. The longer you wait the more time and money you will have to spend on restoring your home and we don’t want to see that happen.


You don’t want to wake up one morning and be standing in a foot of water because your toilet kept running and now you have to spend all day with the clean up. It does happen way to much but we can help you find a local restoration crew and fast.


About us

Welcome to your one stop site for locating a locally owned and
operated carpet cleaning service. Did you know that the independent carpet cleaning services
in your city are often more competitive in price and service than the big chain cleaners? Your
locally owned and operated carpet cleaning professional is happy to assist you in finding the
best low cost solution for removing those pesky stains that the rented hardware store cleaners
can’t get out.


Our experience has shown that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is often less
expensive than renting a unit to do it yourself. Stains that require specialized knowledge for
removal are treated and removed during the cleaning process. The chemicals required to
remove many dog, cat, and llama stains from your carpet are often more effective when used
sparingly and overlaid in a specific order to prevent damage to the carpet.


Many of our local affiliates also provide wood floor and tile cleaning that can be included for a
nominal charge. If your grout is looking dingy, a steam cleaning of the surface can return it to
a like new luster that you can be proud of. Is your hardwood floor looking a bit weathered? A
steam cleaning can provide a renewed look to that tired wood floor.


Imagine your foyer or guest bath tile and grout gleaming when guests arrive. Only you need to know that cleaning it was easier and cheaper by letting a professional do the work. So, please tour our site and contact a locally owned and operated carpet cleaner today.

For Carpet installation use the form below and we will be able to assist you 24 hours a day!



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