Carpet messes are going to happen in the house when you have pets but how you keep up your carpet is really going to matter.

carpet cleaning for pets in metro detroitIf you don’t want to hire a carpet cleaner in Pontiac Michigan every time you can buy a handheld extractor that will suck up the liquids in your carpet and hey it beats having to use a ton of paper towel.

You don’t want to jump on the paper towel that can actually leave a lot in your carpet. Stomping on the paper towel on your carpet actually makes it worse. The paper towel actually pushes the liquid all the way to the pad and that can make it a lot worse you will want to purchase an extractor to help with spot stains.

With a stain in the carpet you can always try stain remover and if the stain is still there you can cut out the carpet and replace now for a carpet cleaner Pontiac

You want to avoid steam cleaning your carpet when you have a pet because the steam just heat treats the odor to the carpet and you don’t want that.

If your stain has chunks in it? Use a putty knife to get it up, start at the edge and push forward. This will get most of it and you can then use the extraction vacuum to get the rest.

call now for a carpet cleaner Pontiac

With any carpet cleaning product, you use you want to make sure that it has enzymes the most enzymes you can get the better. But it all depends on the kind of stain you have and how long you have let it sit to dry up. Talking to a carpet cleaner in Pontiac is an option for you.


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