carpet cleaning problems metro detroitIf you are a homeowner and do not have your basement waterproofed, you are risking on losing lots of money. 


Water can enter your home by rain storms or melting snow and cause a great amount of damage.  Water weakens foundation, and if it gets in contract with wood or drywall, can produce mold which is hazardous to everyone living in the home.


Besides ruining walls and foundation, carpeting is virtually destroyed when it gets wet from rain water or melted snow.  If carpeting is not properly cleaned in Lake Orion or removed, it is a prime spot for mold to live and spread.
The best way to avoid damaged walls, foundation, and carpeting is to make it hard for water to enter your home.  Basement waterproofing in Lake Orion is the best method in stopping storm water from entering your home and destroying your property.


Protect your family from harmful mold, and protect your bank account from replacing weakened foundation.


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