auburn carpet cleaningDid you see how much dirt is in your hallway?  That is stuff that your kids tracked in from playing out in that empty lot in Auburn Michigan, getting that dirt out sometimes takes a professional but if the you want to try it yourself why not let our professionals come to your home and Essexville Michigan to give you a little coaching on the proper chemicals and format for removal of those troublesome stains.


Stains should be treated as soon as possible to have the best success in removing.  Some carpet chemicals sold at local warehouse outlets can be harmful to certain fibers or hardwood floors and if you’re on a septic system could get flushed into the septic kill the good organisms that allow your septic to work.


Remember to not wipe the stains tap them with a soft cotton cloth to absorb all of the offending liquid that has been spilled before cleaning.  We service all of Auburn Michigan and can offer very are reasonable rates to those in  Auburn and Bay City.


Your neighbors have used us many times to clean their carpet and hardwood floors in the spring why not let us make your Auburn house carpet sparkle for the holidays by getting your hallway carpet cleaned?  Contact us today so we can send one of our professionals out right away there is no time like to present since you’re already looking to get a free quote and get the job done now, thanksgiving is coming quickly and you don’t want to have to wait to make your family room the envy of the neighborhood.


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