Bay city carpet cleaningIf you have a tootsie roll stuck to your carpet from your little urchin’s during their Halloween festivities you should contact us and get your carpets cleaned before Thanksgiving.  We have specials happening right now in Bay City Michigan in Bay County for just that problem, of course, we can always cure those troublesome stains that if bin in your carpet since spring.

call now for a carpet cleaner

Why wait why not contact us today the best thing you can do is treat stains as soon as possible, waiting only allows the stain to permeate the carpet fibers.  Our carpet cleaning professionals in Bay City Michigan to not only treat stubborn stains looking clean your high traffic areas so they look like new.  We also offer restoration services for those of you that had the misfortune during this cold snap to have your plumbing line snap causing a flood in your home.

If you have been trying to treat those troublesome stains on your own our professionals are also available to recommend specific chemicals that are safe for homeowners to use when attempting to remove the lollipop stuck in the corner of the family room.

Thanksgiving is coming and in Bay City, Michigan family’s will gather to watch some football and enjoy a nice turkey dinner, if you’re having family over for this holiday you need to get those stains removed.  So click our link or call us directly so one of our professionals can get over there before the holidays sneaks up on you.


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