carpet cleaning in berkeleyAccording to tile magazine Berkeley Michigan has more tile square footage in homes than any other community in Oakland County. Needless to say some of that old tile may need replacement or repair, but the old world tile from back in the fifties and sixties can live on forever with just a simple cleaning.


We have been cleaning tile, hardwood floors, and carpet in Berkeley Michigan four years, that is because we live right here in Berkeley Michigan so by keeping our travel costs to a minimum we are able to offer better deals, better service, faster response times to emergencies, and provide advice when you need it.


If you have stains that are in your hardwood floor and have been there for years and have been told you have to sand and refinished the floor to make it look new again there are many new chemicals on the market that will allow you to either mute and / or remove that stain all together. This is often cheaper than having the entire house sanded and refinished, it is also less stressful on the homeowner as well.


Before you sign on with someone to have that major work done let us give you a free estimate, that’s right a free estimate in Berkeley Michigan, there is no obligation and we can quote your whole home or just one room or even that pesky spot you have been unable to get removed, so click our link or call us.


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