Carpet cleaning in ClarkstonIf you live on a dirt road in Clarkston Michigan you’re well aware of the dirt and grime it comes into your home on a daily basis whenever you open one of the doors. Now would be a good time to take a look around in your home and decide that you want to make your home sparkle for the holidays.


We currently have trucks in the Clarkston area because that’s where we live and we can respond to your every need quickly and efficiently were there for you even in fire or flood restoration work in Michigan or just cleaning that ugly spot in the hallway in your tile, hardwood floor, or carpet.


I’ll let stains sit there and faster they only get worse over time and they get more difficult to remove. The best time to remove the stain is as soon as it happens at least blot it up with a damp cloth or a soft cotton cloth that may certainly help mitigate the deformation left when it dries. You don’t want your in laws cruising into your beautiful home in Clarkston Michigan saying “oh my goodness, look at that stain” that would just be embarrassing and you know your in laws they will tell others.


So contact us for all your carpet cleaning needs in Clarkston Michigan we can be there quickly, we work efficiently, we are professional, and we honor competitor coupons so we always give you the lowest price possible without skimping on service, Touche.


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