floor cleaning in ferndaleAre you in need of storm damage cleanup and repair in Ferndale Michigan, if so please click our link and we will be happy to provide wind and storm damage repair for your home or business. We have crews working in Ferndale Michigan right now that a certified in fire restoration and home liar recovery they are certainly fire damage specialists.


We can also handle your carpet, tile, and hardwood floor cleaning in Ferndale if you were lucky enough to not have any storm damage clean up required. We can also handle flood cleanup if your basement has flooded or we can have our trained professionals provide simple water extraction from saturated carpets.


If you’re in need of roof repair contact us directly and we can provide you a fast quote and same day emergency roof repair and extract any water damage that may have occurred as a result of the roof leak.


We are also capable of providing fire damage debris removal and fire damage repair we are fire damage specialists in Ferndale Michigan located right here in Oakland County. We can beat your house and minutes because we live right here in Ferndale Michigan if you have smoke damage often we can provide smoke damage repair as well as for cleaning and bathroom tile cleaning.


Water clean up and running takes time and effort but with the equipment we have available the inconvenience you are currently experiencing will be reduced to almost nothing in a matter of hours.


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