tile cleaning in keego harborIf you are looking for fire or flood restoration in Keego Harbor Michigan you’ve come to the right site. We specialize in restoration, emergency repairs, as well as the everyday mundane carpet, tile, hardwood floor cleaning and repair.


We’re currently working in Keego Harbor Michigan cleaning your neighbors tile in hardwood floors. We have been servicing Keego Harbor Michigan for many years and have a stellar reputation when it comes to basic hardwood floor and tile cleaning but it also responded in emergencies to help people as home fire damage recovery specialists.


Often repairing a leak in the roof prevents further damage if performed quickly, that is also the way to take care of a stain on your carpet, do not push it further into the carpet by wiping it rather tamp it up with a damp cloth soon after the stain has appeared.


As much upfront prevention you can perform during any type of incidental damage to your home the less it will cost to perform the repairs. We also do water extraction, that is generally done in the basement of Keego Harbor Michigan homes when flood waters rise through the vents or gets past the sump pump.


If you’re thinking of cleaning your carpet or hardwood floors yourself be cautious with the chemicals you use because they need to be handled in a fashion that will not allow harmful fumes to harm you or your family. So why not let a professional come to your home in Keego Harbor Michigan and take care of your

cleaning needs.


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