Sure hardwood floors in your house are nice until you get one of those cold days in Michigan and your floor is colder than ice. Nothing beats the warmth of carpet in Michigan.


If you have pets you know that it’s hard to maintain the art of cleanliness in your home. Thanks to the internet you can find ways to easily clean your carpet and it won’t be harmful and you can keep a few bucks in your pocket.

You can always call a carpet cleaner near you in Macomb Michigan

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You can always call a carpet cleaner in Macomb at 248-702-4754 or deal with the spills quickly in your home.


You need to blot the stain if you are going to do it yourself and spray the area with warm water. You don’t want to rub the stain you’re going to make it worse. After you blot the stain for 25 minutes or so you need to put a clean towel down on the stain and put something heavy on the towel for a couple of hours.


This will soak up any of the remaining juices and water. If you want to bypass all these steps just call a carpet cleaner near you at 248-702-4754 and we will have a carpet expert come out to your home today!

Making carpet cleaning in Macomb MI simple again

We want make cleaning your carpet as easy as it can be and the best way is to call us and schedule with our team of local Macomb MI carpet cleaners.


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