carpeting metro detroit75% of homeowners believe that carpeting is the least effective floor covering when it comes to reducing conditions that aggravate allergies. 1/3 American homeowners have someone in their home that deals with indoor allergies.


8/10 people believe that their family health is related to the cleanness of the floors or carpeting in the home.  Only 49% of homeowners have their home carpeting deep cleaned in Metro Detroit every six months and 39% of homeowners hire a carpet cleaning company in Metro Detroit. 


Carpet is the most common covering in US homes. Many homeowners install carpeting because it easier than hardwood flooring. Homeowners use carpet in 80% of their bedrooms, 68% of their living rooms, 65% of their offices, and 63% of their family rooms.


2/3 of American households have rugs in their homes. 50% of US households say that its extremely important to have your carpet cleaned by a professional that is certified.


49% of homeowner replace their carpet because of wear and 38% replace it because of the stains and soiled look that it has.




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