house floods in metro detroit5,000,000 properties are at risk for their house flooding. That is nearly 1 and 6 houses that can flood. 640 properties in Michigan flooded in the first few weeks in January of 2014.


In 2012 there where 8,000 floods in Metro Detroit, that is a lot of flooding and lets just say that carpet cleaners in Metro Detroit were busy, along with flood restoration companies. 


Its not good to not have flood insurance and the first thing you should do when your dealing with a flood in Metro Detroit you need to call a flood expert because they are experts in knowing protocol for house floods in Metro Detroit.


There will be a lot of out of pocket cost if you don’t have the right flood insurance. And with the amount of house floods that happen and can happen its better to be covered than having to deal with a large bill to have a flood expert out in Metro Detroit


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