Carpet cleaning metro detroitEvery homeowner wants clean carpet for their family, pets and home value but are they doing enough? On average 51% of women do most of the house cleaning when 20% of men do their share of house cleaning. 


The average amount of time a women spends cleaning is 26 hours a man does 2 hours of cleaning. When it comes to cleaning couples argue about home to clean the house. 54% of Amercians prefer to clean the house and carpeting on a weekly basis in Metro Detroit.


87% of women believe that a clean house is a reflection of themselves. 95% of women feel better when the house is clean. Women consider cleaning the carpet or vacuuming among the top priorities of a clean home.


Most women between the ages of 25-44 vacuum every 2.2 days. Women spend 4 hours a week cleaning the house. A man spends about 2 hours cleaning the house.


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