carpet cleaning in midlandHas your family been out deer hunting in beautiful Midland Michigan?  If they have they are for a probably tracking in all the dirt and mud from out in those corn fields.  Now would be a good time to get your carpets cleaned by one of our professionals that specialize in removing dirt from fibers in Midland deep within your carpet.


Don’t be fooled by those cheap ads that tell you they will get every stain out for free.  We charge either by the room or by the whole house square footage, this lets you decide the most efficient way of getting the carpets that need the attention most cleaned for the least amount of cost.  Carpets in Midland are notorious for getting dirty during hunting season, that is why we offer one low rate for you to have those high traffic areas all cleaned up and ready for thanksgiving and of course you’re in laws.


The trick to having your carpets look nice this thanksgiving is to make sure you remove stains as soon as they appear.  You know your kids didn’t intentionally knock over your glass of wine after a hard day, but it happened and now it’s time to get that red stain out of your carpet.  We are running a special in Bay County right now, specifically a Midland, Michigan that will let you have your whole house done by our professionals and even have those stubborn stains removed, so click our link and we will have a professional contact you immediately.


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