Oakland MI carpet cleaningWhat’s that smell?  Is that what people say when they come into your house?  If you have friends or family saying that, especially your in laws you need to call us right away, you can show that snooty old lady up by having your carpets spruced up by our talented technicians. 


If you are in Oakland County Michigan you can get our reduced rate any time between now and the end of the year, why not be the pride of the neighborhood and show off to them all you have good taste.  Getting your carpets cleaned is cheaper than you think.  If you are in Macomb County Michigan we can accommodate you as well and, if you ask, we will give you the Oakland Connie rate for services rendered.


Cleaning your carpet, hardwood floors, and tile has never been easier, we have been successful in removing stains in your neighbors’ homes for years and we are happy to do it for you.  You need to get those carpets done if you don’t want your family talking behind your back, yes that’s right, we’ve heard them and it wasn’t pretty.  They all say the same thing, you live in Oakland County Michigan and you have dingy carpets, what a shame, you should be ashamed, especially with our low rates and fine service.


So call us today, if you can’t call send us an e-mail will be glad to quote you and come out and service you immediate


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