carpet cleaning in oinconningNeed carpet cleaning in Pinconning Michigan?  You bet you do, if you have supper laying on the floor than you have a problem and you need that stain removed pronto.


Did you know that you should treat stains as soon as possible?  Do not wipe the stain, tamp it with a soft dry cotton cloth to absorb most of the offending liquid.  If it’s a stubborn stain you have to be a bit more diligent, or you can always call one of our professionals.


Many companies sell carpet chemicals that will remove the likes of wine or soda without damaging the fibers of the carpet.  Here in Pinconning, Michigan we have many fine affiliates that also service all of Bay County including Midland, Michigan.  With the holidays fast approaching and winter weather quickly putting its footprint on the ground outdoors be prepared with a phone number for one of our affiliates in your area.


You know the kids are going to track in all the snow and slush that you would like to see left outside, and if that’s not enough your husband will probably still is coffee and stain the carpet right where everybody walks going into your family room.


Pinconning Michigan is a fine place to live and you can make it even nicer by having your carpets cleaned before thanksgiving.  Please click the link for your city and fill out the form we will be glad to send you a no cost quote or if you wish we can make a no cost stop to look that the stain that you are having a hard time removing from your carpet.


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