pleasant ridge carpet cleaning servicesAfter the storms that came through here in Michigan we have had many requests for home water damage inspection and consultation, many of our customers are in the city of Pleasant Ridge Michigan.


They were in need of immediate assistance due to the path of destruction left by those storms, we were there to offer water damage cleanup and flood restoration services.


Many of our customers in the city of Pleasant Ridge Michigan that needed our emergency services also hired us to perform standard cleaning services of various surfaces in their home that they were unsuccessful in the use of chemicals to remove the spots that were spoiling the look of their hardwood floors and carpet.


We provide these cleaning services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors because we are located directly in the city of Pleasant Ridge Michigan. If you are in need of a quote for cleaning services of your home you should contact us right away by clicking our link or calling us directly at our toll free number.


Our cleaning professionals are licensed, bonded, an insured and will not leave until you are fully satisfied with the service you are paying for. If you have a stain that you have been unable to remove because it is so deeply set in the surface in your home there is a good chance that we will be successful in removing that stain without the use of harsh chemicals. So contact us today please click our link and have a great tomorrow.


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