water damage miDid you know that 40% of insurance claims are because of water damages in your home. Water damage causes can vary from home to home, but broken pipes, clogged toilets, washing machine overflow and leaky roofs can cause water damages. 


Foundation cracks and bad weather can contribute to water damages.


When you have a professional water damage restoration company to help they will make record of the material that was damaged and refer to the industry standard guides. There are 3 different categories for water damage.


Category 1 is water from a clean source.

Category 2 is water with some level of contaminants

Category 3 is water that could cause illness


The classification of water damage are:

water losses that only affect only parts of a room or area

water that may have come from overhead ceilings

water losses that effected a whole room or carpet


When working inside a residence, it is often the case that those who are performing the water restoration must work around and with the contents of the home. It is important to be proactive in the monitoring process make sure that all the drying equipment is set up properly.



Once the temperature is back at the industry standard and the moisture content is deemed acceptable than the  water damage restoration in Michigan process can be complete.



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