hints and tips for carpet cleaning metro detroit

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips For Metro Detroit

hints and tips for carpet cleaning metro detroitUsing powder is a great way to clean your carpet in Detroit. Some people say that carpet cleaning with Baking soda will work best. What you have to do is:

Sprinkle powder over the carpet. The amount usually depends on the size and depth of the stain. Leave the powder for 30 minutes but if you can leave the powder over night all the better. This gives the cleaner a chance to work, soften the stain and consume the odors.  (more…)

declutter your home in Metro Detroit

Spring Cleaning Your Home and Carpet in Metro Detroit

declutter your home in Metro DetroitSpring cleaning has dated back to the days when people would keep their homes closed for the winter. To beat the cold they would burn coal and wood to beat the heat. By the spring time soot and ashes would cover most of the house. And once it got warm outside people would take their furniture and beds outside to clean their home from top to bottom.


low payment carpet cleaning detroit

Low Payment Carpet Cleaning Detroit

low payment carpet cleaning detroitSometimes carpet cleaning can be a dirty business.  Don’t get taken to the cleaners from unprofessional carpet cleaners in Michigan who will bait you in with low payment prices in Michigan and switch prices at your front door.


It happens to customers everyday.  These companies regularly approach you by mail, phone, or door to door sales with low prices, only to try and sell you on a more expensive carpet cleaning job when they arrive at your home.  (more…)