hints and tips for carpet cleaning metro detroitUsing powder is a great way to clean your carpet in Detroit. Some people say that carpet cleaning with Baking soda will work best. What you have to do is:

Sprinkle powder over the carpet. The amount usually depends on the size and depth of the stain. Leave the powder for 30 minutes but if you can leave the powder over night all the better. This gives the cleaner a chance to work, soften the stain and consume the odors. 

Once the carpet has dried vacuum up the left over powder and you will be done.


Shampooing your carpet is another way to clean your carpet in Metro Detroit. Make sure you read the directions on the bottle before you use the shampoo on the carpet. Also make sure you put water in the solution because many of the carpet cleaners needs to be diluted with water.


Use just enough to cover the stain on the carpet. Again it depends on the size and depth of the carpet stain. Use a hand scrubber to clean the shampooed area.


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