vingar for your metro detroit carpet

What Vinegar Can Do For Your Carpets in Metro Detroit

vingar for your metro detroit carpetVinegar is the must have cleaning agent in your home when it comes to carpet cleaning in Metro Detroit. Vinegar is an all natural cleaner, that will help you kill bacteria. Vinegar can cure any carpet  stains you may have its a good thing to have vinegar around your home for little stains that happen in life.


Vinegar is 90% effective, and has been the working product for many carpets and homes for years. No product can fight bacteria and urine stains on your carpet in Metro Detroit there isn’t much that vinegar can’t take care of.  (more…)

carpet cleaning davison michigan

General Carpet Cleaning in Davison Michigan

carpet cleaning davison michiganWhether you need a general cleaning of your carpet or you need tile work, why not choose the experienced professionals at Carpet Cleaning Rite. We have built a reputation in Davison Michigan for carpet cleaning
For providing quality service with superior carpet cleaning procedures in Davison Michigan. Our carpet cleaning service is safe for you and your pets. We are insured, and license for everyone’s protection. Our priority is providing the highest quality, and carpet cleaning service at a reasonable cheap price.  (more…)
carpet cleaning metro detroit

Metro Detroit Carpet Cleaning Cheap

carpet cleaning metro detroitCarpet Cleaning Rite is pleased to offer the state-of-the-art carpet cleaning process in Michigan called Dry Steam carpet cleaning.


This unique Dry Steam process produces superior results for your home carpeting, making it an excellent choice for heavily stained or soiled carpet. The most remarkable feature, however, is that with Metro Detroit Dry Steam carpet cleaning there is no drying time! When we’re done with the job your carpet is dry and ready for normal use. (more…)