vingar for your metro detroit carpetVinegar is the must have cleaning agent in your home when it comes to carpet cleaning in Metro Detroit. Vinegar is an all natural cleaner, that will help you kill bacteria. Vinegar can cure any carpet  stains you may have its a good thing to have vinegar around your home for little stains that happen in life.


Vinegar is 90% effective, and has been the working product for many carpets and homes for years. No product can fight bacteria and urine stains on your carpet in Metro Detroit there isn’t much that vinegar can’t take care of. 


Even through vinegar can leave a smell it will still be the best thing you can use to get carpet stains out and has been the go to element for DIY carpet cleaners in Detroit. People may tell you that baking soda is better but its baseless and can’t do much for you.




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