Flood and water damage can become a huge, and expensive, headache. You think everything is fine because there is no more visible water but underneath the surface, behind the wall, in between cracks, and everywhere else you don’t see, the water left over is damaging your house or place of business. Flood & Fire Solutions Inc. will dry and remove trapped water and water vapor from surfaces, flooring, interior cavities and building contents. Ensuring all water is removed, and stopping the potential for mold.


Without proper flood restoration or water removal in Michigan, still water may cause floors to buckle, damage wall structures, and allow mold and bacteria to grow.  Our licensed personnel have been extensively trained to provide customers with state of the art techniques in identifying and restoring water damaged materials and buildings. Flood & Fire Solutions Inc. has a large inventory of drying equipment, and the most sophisticated moisture detection equipment available. The number one aspect in water damage restoration is to get an immediate response upon discovery. A delay of even 48 hours can result in significantly more water damage versus an immediate timely response.


If you have water damage to your home in Michigan, do not waste time.  Give us a call today and we will give you a free consultation & inspection within 24 hours.


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