fresh carpet cleaning metro detroitEveryone wants to have longer lasting healthier carpet and we have some of the best tips for you to keep your carpet cleaner in Metro Detroit Michigan.


Vacuum your carpet once a week using a criss-cross pattern to keep carpet fiber condition. sprinkle your carpet with a deodorizer 15 minutes before you vacuum or start carpet cleaning your home. Baking soda works just as well.


avoid using harsh chemicals on your carpet and use eco-friendly products to keep your carpet and home safe. You have no idea what chemicals can do to your carpet.


Apply soil retardants to your new carpet in Metro Detroit according to manufacturers recommendations. When your dealing with carpeting its a good idea to stay on point with the instructions.


When you use a cleaner do a spot test to test that you won’t damage or fade the carpet. To keep a fresh clean look to your carpet make sure you have a carpet cleaner come out once a year and professionally steam clean your carpet in Metro Detroit.


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