vingar for your metro detroit carpet

What Vinegar Can Do For Your Carpets in Metro Detroit

vingar for your metro detroit carpetVinegar is the must have cleaning agent in your home when it comes to carpet cleaning in Metro Detroit. Vinegar is an all natural cleaner, that will help you kill bacteria. Vinegar can cure any carpet  stains you may have its a good thing to have vinegar around your home for little stains that happen in life.


Vinegar is 90% effective, and has been the working product for many carpets and homes for years. No product can fight bacteria and urine stains on your carpet in Metro Detroit there isn’t much that vinegar can’t take care of.  (more…)

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What Not To Use on Your Carpet For Stains in Metro Detroit

carpet cleaning stains metro detroitWax and oil initially brighten up your hardwood floors and make them shine again, but it can lead to future problems. The wood itself dead already so adding oil and wax to it will do nothing to hydrate the wood.


Vinegar is said to be a good floor cleaner in Trenton Michigan but most of the time it is overused and therefore it can ruin your floors shine. Stick to a neutral floor cleaner and use the vinegar for something else.


declutter your home in Metro Detroit

Spring Cleaning Your Home and Carpet in Metro Detroit

declutter your home in Metro DetroitSpring cleaning has dated back to the days when people would keep their homes closed for the winter. To beat the cold they would burn coal and wood to beat the heat. By the spring time soot and ashes would cover most of the house. And once it got warm outside people would take their furniture and beds outside to clean their home from top to bottom.


carpet cleaning for pets in metro detroit

What Pets Can Do To Your Carpet in Metro Detroit

carpet cleaning for pets in metro detroitNow we all love pets in our home, but what do they really leave in our carpet? Pets leave saliva, bacteria (including salmonella) and pet waste in and on the carpet. They also can leave fleas, dirt debris, and pet dander.


You may have a question on how that impacts your family? Well, it can lead to skin infections, bad gas, and pet allergies.  (more…)