carpet cleaning stains metro detroitWax and oil initially brighten up your hardwood floors and make them shine again, but it can lead to future problems. The wood itself dead already so adding oil and wax to it will do nothing to hydrate the wood.


Vinegar is said to be a good floor cleaner in Trenton Michigan but most of the time it is overused and therefore it can ruin your floors shine. Stick to a neutral floor cleaner and use the vinegar for something else.

White wine will not get red wine stains out of your carpet, you will need to get a carpet cleaner in Metro Detroit to help you out with that. Simply use water or soda water. Soak up as much as you can as soon as the spill happens. And than use a good stain remover to get the rest of the red marks out of the carpet.


Whatever you do don’t use salt on your carpet because it can make the stain in the carpet set faster and go deeper. What a lot of people don’t know is that salt can bleach your carpet.


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