carpet cleaning for pets in metro detroitNow we all love pets in our home, but what do they really leave in our carpet? Pets leave saliva, bacteria (including salmonella) and pet waste in and on the carpet. They also can leave fleas, dirt debris, and pet dander.


You may have a question on how that impacts your family? Well, it can lead to skin infections, bad gas, and pet allergies. 


Pet stains can be a pain in the butt too they can be difficult to treat, they can seep into the carpet padding and make it smell and the only way to get the odor out of the carpet in Metro Detroit is to clean the carpet. Pets will return to the same spot if the odor lingers.



You can protect your carpet and family in a few ways by bathing your pets regularly, vacuuming weekly, treat the urine stains immediately, and have your carpet cleaned in Metro Detroit Annually.


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