carpeting metro detroitThe vast majority of people want their carpet cleaned in Metro Detroit. But are they really doing what it takes to keep the carpet clean or just sweeping the dirt under the family room rug?


84% of people in Metro Detroit believe that clean carpet is necessary to having a clean house. 41% of people worry about what others think of there carpet but for good reason. 22% of homeowners in Metro Detroit consider. 


37% of people that visit your home will judge you on the cleanliness of your carpet, so yes clean carpet is a big deal to people.


Up to 2,000 dust mites can live on one ounce of carpeting so next time you drop something on your carpet keep that in mind that your carpet should be cleaned professionally every 6 months. 45% of people believe in the 5 second rule but 95% of people don’t know that one square foot of carpet can hold 1 lbs of dirt.


80% of the dirt in your home is brought into your home from the bottom of your shoes. 68% of homeowners in Detroit admit that they don’t clean their carpet as much as they should. Only 55% of homeowners clean their carpet every 6 months professionally.


43% of people think that carpet cleaning in Metro Detroit is worth it but they don’t feel comfortable having someone else in their home cleaning their capeting or installing new carpet in Detroit.


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